Fa la la la la

I’ve written about the holidays on several occasions; my first four years ago when I was living in the hospital at this time keeping a watchful eye on those sassy babies living it up in my tummy. Last year, my focus on the holidays was hopeful; with a long year behind me but hopeful for […]

All the thanks I be giving

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and naturally social media is flooded with posts about what everyone is thankful for. Instead of posting a drawn out Facebook status, I figure I’ll write about my thankfulness here. First of all, I’m thankful for my three curly-haired minions. They can drive me up the wall, but my life […]

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I recently saw a post on BabyCenter that was about your parenting style based on whether or not you found out your baby’s sex while pregnant. Curious, I clicked through and had to roll my eyes. The blog was about a study that had been completed with women who found out their baby’s sex and […]