Leave a penny, take a penny

The end of 2013 has definitely kicked our asses. With me being in the hospital and chaos occurring at home, I was thrilled to be released from HRO. Not even home a week and the ice storm evicted us from our home, meaning we got to spend Christmas in a hotel. A week later we finally got power back and our hot water tank combusted, needing to be completely replaced and evicting us again for almost an extra week.

Now, New Year’s Eve we find ourselves back at Sunnybrook,  as my husband’s lung collapsed and I decided to head to triage to monitor the babies at 9 PM, because I’m here, right?

We’re pretty convinced that there is a pox on our house and it bums me out and pisses me off to no end that I can’t enjoy my time at home due to our snowball effect.

I can only hope that our luck changes come midnight and our girls experience better fortune than we have the last few weeks.


Jas gets saucy in emerg. Back off, he’s mine! 🙂

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