Happy New Year, baby girls

Dear baby girls,

2013 was a year full of ups and downs – your brother got bigger and amazed us every day with his humour and intelligence, Mama and Daddy got married, and we found out we were having you, but, we also lost people we love and faced some mountains that seemed impossible to climb.

But 2014 is your year. This year you’ll be born and you’ll discover so much. You’ll laugh and cry, coo and babble,  crawl and walk, try new foods and meet lots of people who love you.

Daddy and I know you will grow up to do amazing things, as will your brother. We know that you will fill our home and our hearts with even more love and light. We know that you may start life out small but that you will grow stronger every day and you will continue to be strong, beautiful,  intelligent women

This is your year, babies, we’re just here to catch the show.

With all my love and hope for your futures,



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