Amazing Ella is off to Kindergarten

Ella has officially graduated from preschool! On her last day of school, all the parents and caregivers came and watched a video of the previous year followed by a graduation ceremony to say au revoir to preschool and get ready to start Junior Kindergarten in September. As I watched the video play, I kept an […]

Happy New Year, Mama

Tomorrow marks yet another year and even more new year, new me pledges. Of course, we all recognize that change is hard but there’s a deep seeded desire to change things; to not remain status quo. This year has been a hard one to witness; a year full of social movements fueled by the daily […]

New year, old me 

I’ve never been one for resolutions, or even New Year’s, really. But, I do believe in goals and as 2016 started to come to a close, I began to reflect a lot on the year, and myself. As I thought back on the year, I realized that it felt as though a dark cloud was […]

The new year doesn’t erase the old one

Despite what people believe, when the clock strikes twelve January first, the past is not immediately forgotten or erased; a new year begins, but not with a clean slate. We unfortunately do not live in a romantic comedy where that ball drop leads to the love of our life,  the answer to our problems, a […]

New year, new me

As 2015 rapidly comes to a close, I cannot help but reflect on the year. I have to say, this year was not the easiest. There were highs – trip to Europe and making new friends – but, many more lows. When I think about it, it becomes clear that the last couple of years […]

Is there a holiday after the holidays?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am the most Christmassy person there is. I look forward to it every year and do my best to make it special. But, man it’s exhausting. People without kids can at least get a couple of days to recover; sleep, binge watch Netflix, while us parents March into January […]

Reflections of a year

In only a few hours it will officially be a new year. Some who had a year like ours may say good riddance to 2014, but this year, though filled with many challenges, brought me two sweet baby girls. Everyone keeps sharing their years on Facebook and I watched mine to see the random pictures […]