Just call me a kangaroo mom

I finally got to hold Ella today, and what a cuddle it was!

After coming off all her sedatives, Miss Ella has proven herself to be quite the cranky pants. She spent much of the morning crying until the nurse finally pulled her out of her home and placed her on my chest.

Wrapped in the kangaroo hold (skin to skin with a blanket and hospital gown for warmth), Ella napped peacefully on my chest, even surviving a bout of hiccups during our cuddle. It was amazing to hold my baby girl for the first time and see how long and fuzzy her hair is and how she likes to nap with her mouth open, just like her brother used to when he was teeny. Ella positioned her head nicely with my boob as a pillow, getting mad when I would try to move her. The rest of the afternoon, Ella was calm and quiet, the nurse thanking the mama time for her improved disposition.

In the afternoon, I held Raegan in the same position, and she too had the hiccups. I guess these girls are pretty similar.

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