Little NICU surprises

I love coming into the girls’ room in the morning and finding surprises. Today, we had lots of new surprises, including new nameplates for the girls’ monitors and their birth certificates, complete with tiny hand and foot prints. We’d already been given a copy of their foot prints, but it’s nice to have everything together. It will be amazing to show the girls how small they once were.

My plan is to take all the mementos – teeny tiny diapers, hospital bracelets, and the keepsakes the nurses make, and create a lovely NICU memory box that we can show the girls as they get older. Their big brother also painted them a beautiful picture that I’ll be sure to include as well.

One thought on “Little NICU surprises

  1. What a lovely thing for the nurses to do!
    When my boy was in the NICU it was lovely coming in on my birthday to find a gorgeous handmade card fin clouding foot prints and photograph of him xxx

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