Get it together, woman

I would say that I’m not usually a super hormonal or weepy person, and my first pregnancy wasn’t filled with hormonal moments, though I do remember getting misty-eyed at some OnStar commercials.

Now, I find myself particulary weepy. I don’t know if it’s because I was pregnant with twins, the fact that I would have had another 8 weeks to go to be full-term, or just combined stress that still has me dabbing at my eyes.

I cry at full-term newborns, I cry seeing preemies or reading stories of preemies, I cry at commercials, I cry after spending 15 minutes pumping to only have drops, I cry randomly when making the bed or talking to Jas. I’m pretty sure every NICU doctor and nurse has seen me cry, or puffy eyed, at some point.

Now that my girls are doing so much better, my time with them is filled with smiles and songs, but just walking by the preggos waiting for their ultrasounds, or seeing proud parents bring their newborns through the hospital in their car seats makes me sniffle again.

Maybe more baby snuggles will help calm my crazy lady hormones?

2 thoughts on “Get it together, woman

  1. I urge you to be patient with yourself – – your body has been through a lot, and it will take some time to get back on track. I was very emotional after delivering my twins (I has been on bed rest for 5 weeks and they were two weeks early). Looking back I realize I expected too much of myself too soon. Keep loving those babies and cry if you need to! It’s really ok 🙂

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