We’re four months old!


Raegan and Ella, four months, May 7th, 2014

Not to make myself sound like an old lady, but honestly, you blink and the next thing you know, your kids have grown so much and you’re left wondering where the time has gone.

The girls are officially four months old, seven weeks corrected. Ella is a bit over ten pounds and Raegan is nine and a half. If these girls are anything like their brother, they’ll be good growers outside the belly.


Braeden and Raegan share a laugh

While I got smiles from both girls today, I have not had sleep. The girls seem to be misunderstanding that sleep is the key to life, as they’re either up all night or at least once an hour.

I posted this week about Ella’s follow-up needs, and we’ve been doing our exercises and tummy time religiously. I have been getting so much eye contact, so I’m not as concerned that she wasn’t doing much at the appointment. Later this month, Ella has more appointments and an ultrasound at Sick Kids.


Raegan takes a nap, 7 weeks corrected

We’re still trying to get into some kind of routine though the mornings are hard as I zombie shuffle through the house, exhausted from lack of sleep. If we weren’t crazy enough, Buds has started the beginnings of potty training, and ran around all afternoon in just his undies. It’s hilarious, to say the least.


Ella, 7 weeks corrected

Here’s hoping that the girls learn the sweet loveliness that is sleep very soon before I start hallucinating so that we can start getting out more and having more fun as a party of five.

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