Swim fishy fishy

Tonight I literally took the plunge back into losing weight and headed over to the pool for laps.

For my second pregnancy, I had daydreamed of being super in shape by swimming and doing yoga and looking super cute -only growing a belly and getting to wear non-maternity clothes, while people expressed how awesome I looked. That fell flat pretty fucking quickly. I did swim through my first trimester, and then with all the doctor’s appointments, worry, and uncertainty, I much preferred sitting on the couch nursing a bowl of cherry chocolate chip ice cream.

Despite my mostly unathletic build, I love to swim. I love being in the water, floating around, feeling almost like I’m on another planet. What I don’t love is that you have to wear a bathing suit. In public.

Despite my extra rolls, my cellulite and I hoofed it over to the pool after the kids were all tucked into bed and we lasted a whopping total of thirty minutes. Still, that’s not too shabby for the first time back, and my arms in particular are feeling the effects of extra movements, plus I racked up 7 activity points, so you know, not a total failure.

My original goal was once a week, but after tonight, I have to say that my new goal is to just keep swimming without always being passed by the old fogies.

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