Don’t judge a book by its stroller

Jason recently asked me if I could push our stroller while holding onto my drink.

“This is the Mercedes of strollers,” I told him. “It can do anything.”

When I was pregnant with Braeden, I didn’t really pay much attention to the luxury strollers, because we just couldn’t afford them. We had the worst luck going stroller shopping because no matter the store, no one seemed to know how to work them. Finally, we just went into Babies R Us, found a Maxi Cosi travel system we liked and figured it out ourselves.

We loved that stroller, the storage space alone meant I could walk to get groceries with the kid and load up.

Sadly, there was no way of cramming two kids in that stroller, so we had to upgrade. Having worked in a stroller department of a baby store, I knew the Bugaboo Donkey was the best, so that’s what we got.


Buds and the girls go for a walk!

Our neighbourhood is filled with Bugaboo and Uppababy strollers, and though it may appear we’re the same, we don’t quite fit in with the rest of the ‘hood. We’re surrounded by million dollar houses, kids who go to private school, and families who summer in cottages bigger than most houses.

I’m not jealous – most people work hard to get where they are, and every family makes some type of sacrifice.

We may not fit in, and people assume about our family in so many ways, but in our little pocket of the city, we’re making our home, even if it is rented.

So, yes, it is a Mercedes, but it sure is worth it to be able to push all three kids downhill one handed. Mama needs her other hand free for caffeine, after all.

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