We’re five months old!


Ella and Raegan, June 7

Five months! Where has the time gone? Next month is half a year already!

The girls are 11 weeks corrected, which means soon we’ll be out of the fourth trimester/newborn stage and moving into infancy! They’re already interested in so much, and I love watching them see things for the first time.

The girls continue to do really well, and seem massive! The newborn clothes have all been put away and there’s about an inch left in their 0-6 month sleepsacks. We don’t head to the doctor for another couple weeks, so I’ll know then the actual weights as opposed to my rough estimate.

We’ve been busy bees, getting out every day and I take the girls to the library for songs and stories with another mama.

The weather is hot and that means adorable outfits for the girls! It also means parks and picnics! Today we headed to the parents of multiples association’s picnic today so we were literally surrounded by twins and even some triplets!

Ella is usually sleeping through the night which is lovely, but sadly, Raegan is not. I miss sleep, and sleeping in! Ahh, those were the days.

The girls are both smiling and Raegan full-on laughed at me waving the rattle yesterday. Those giggles sure do make up for the lack of sleep!

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