Let him eat cookie

Yesterday, I bought Buds one of those ice cream cone cookies at Starbucks as a treat.

On our walk home, a woman actually came up to me and told me he shouldn’t  be eating cookies.

I’m sorry, what? I double checked to make sure I wasn’t wearing a sign asking for advice on my parenting.

I could maybe understand someone like my mom suggesting to me that he needed to lay off the sweets if he was overweight, but a random stranger? Umm, no.

We don’t let the kid eat junk all the time, there’s a reason it’s called a treat, and he is by no means fat, he’s perfect. I took him grocery shopping today, and he picked out fruit and veggies he wanted. He was most excited about the mini watermelon and asked for it with dinner. Never once did he ask for cookies or other sugar-filled goodies. So, obviously we’re doing something kind of right if a two year old boy can get excited over a piece of fruit.

So, yes, we let Buds have a cookie every now and then, and I’m totally fine with that.

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