We’re six months old!


Ella and Raegan, July 7, 2014

Well that six months went by in a flash, and crazy to think we’re halfway to their first birthday already!

The girls are three and a half months corrected and six months actual. Raegan is rolling onto her belly constantly but can’t figure out how to roll back, so flops around a bit like a fish, which is kind of hilarious. Ella has only rolled over once, but she did it!

Both girls are about twelve and a half pounds and wearing 3-6 month outfits. I’ve already had to put away about three boxes worth of sleepers and teeny tiny onesies.

We’re still pretty busy; zoo visits, trips to the park, outings with friends, and of course all of our doctor appointments and Ella’s exercises. We even got the girls’ passport photos done for a potential trip to Chicago to visit friends and meet the girls’ future BFF.


Raegan's passport photo!


Ella's passport photo!

Sleep is getting a bit better, with the girls waking up once either in the night or early morning or they sleep through entirely. The trick now is to get them on the same schedule!

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