Mama breaks the rules

Every now and then the baby rules change. It used to be that solids were started at four months and parents were supposed to follow a pretty strict cereal to purées guideline before eventually starting teeny tiny pieces of food. Then it was six months to start the whole feeding dance and now it’s six months, minus the purées.

I would assume that these directives come about after research and studies are done to see the best possible outcome for wee tikes.

Normally I follow the rules and do the shots, increase formula intake every month, wash the clothes in baby laundry. With Buds, we started almost exactly at six months with solids and never had a feeding problem with him. 


Raegan's first cereal! Day 194; July 18, 2014

But, oh Miss Raegan, what a sassy lady she is. For the past week she has been so pissed at the world, and I guess, at us. Up until midnight watching baseball with Dad between period crying.

Two pediatricians told us she was ready for solids, and I pushed back, mumbling about the guidelines, but they said she was ready, point blank. So, I thought about it and after her week, I got some cereal and shovelled it into her. She loved it. She has eaten her entire bowl and didn’t do the usual spitting out or grimacing face. She is a born eater, anticipating the food and opening up for the ooey gooey goodness. It’s hilarious to see and I can finally say that she’s sleeping, in her crib.

It seems my girls already love breaking rules so God help us all when they’re 16.


Raegan chowing down, day 195

4 thoughts on “Mama breaks the rules

  1. great post! When I took Hayley to England when she was tiny, she wouldn’t stop crying one day and my friend, Rhea, said “the kid is starving…I’m going to mash a banana for her”… and so she did. I was anxiety ridden because it was “technically” too early for solids…but as soon as Hale got a tummy full of fruit, she was happy as a clam; lesson learned. Every child is different. Hayley was on solids and happy from then on.

  2. I guess a memo went around. Lucy has been a crying bundle of fury for the past week! She’ll only be five months on Friday but if this keeps up, next Tuesday when her paediatrician brings up starting solids I will totally be game to try.

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