One for the money, two for the show

I think I may have finally recovered from our super eventful Monday.

Ella and I spent the day together at Sick Kids visiting the orthopaedic surgeon and getting a hip ultrasound. The good news after spending the day running from one part of the hospital to another is that Miss Ella does not need hip surgery (wooooooooo) though she does have a bit of tightness on her right side. We don’t go back for another six months.


Ella, exhausted from the poking and prodding, day 192

We both came home pretty exhausted to find Buds not feeling well. As soon as he saw me he wanted a hug and literally felt like he was on fire. He refused to eat and laid, totally still on the couch, looking so sad. Braeden is never sick and when we took his temperature, he was almost 40 degrees (104 F). So, I ran around grabbing some of his favourite stuffed friends and off we went back to Sick Kids, this time to the ER.

I have never seen him so little looking, and Jas and I were both pretty scared for our little man. Thankfully, some meds and a couple of stickers later, our boy was back. It’s taken almost the whole rest of the week but he is back to himself, though still a bit tired.


Showing off his dimple!

We spent so much time in Sunnybrook that it began to feel like home, and I would be happy to never see Sick Kids again, but, sigh, we’re back next week.

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