29 Weeks

To most people, 29 weeks doesn’t mean much. More than six months but less than a year, it actually seems kind of arbitrary. Of course, for us, 29 weeks is ever present in our lives.

Our girls were born at 29 weeks, 5 days gestation, so close to our 32 week expectation and nowhere near our dream of a regular 40 week pregnancy.


29 weeks! No idea how soon we'd meet our sweet girls

Today marks 29 weeks since the girls were born, and what an insane ride it has been. From that first terrifying day; the girls so small and without any cries, to the smiles and giggles of today, we have been on a journey that has tested us as individuals and as a family. I feel like I’ve both aged and matured years, of course, the influx of gray slowly taking over my hair doesn’t help me feel young and vibrant.

From 80 days in the NICU to visits to the park, zoo, and most exciting of all, the grocery store, our girls have made our lives more exciting, though busy. Even Buds has gone from a baby to a little man since they’ve been born. It hasn’t always been perfect, but it’s been pretty awesome.


About to get wheeled down for my section. January 7, 2014

I never would have believed it at the time, but the NICU wounds are no longer fresh in my mind as they are being replaced by our new memories and adventures. With each new day, each new bout of giggles and walk in the stroller, the NICU seems further and further away. Of course, some things are ever present like the phone call telling us Ella might not make it and our constant worries about her and my c- section scar, a physical reminder of our traumatic birth and long-winded story.


Ella and Raegan, week 29, day 200

I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short time, I can only imagine that in another 29 weeks, the girls will be doing even more incredible things, and our physical and emotional scars will have faded just a bit more.

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