Minions Unite!


Ella, Raegan, and Braeden as minions Hallowe'en 2014 (day 294)

Sometimes I feel bad for the girls being simultaneously the second and third child. When I was pregnant with Buds, I kept a scrapbook with all the special things I did when I was pregnant and kept it going after he was born; creating scrapbook pages for each month, keeping track of every new experience.  With the girls’ pregnancy,  I didn’t even  bother trying to keep up with B’s book or trying to start one for the girls. Instead, I’ve switched over to just making photobooks which is so much easier though not at all personal.

It also means that their firsts can get slightly overshadowed by their big brother, and their first Hallowe’en is a prime example.

Last month I asked Braeden what he wanted to be for Hallowe’en and gave him a few suggestions.  His pick: minion! It’s funny because he had never actually seen Despicable Me,  but loves Pharrell’s song Happy, and there are minions in the video that he loves.


Raegan and Ella rocking this minion thing

After finally finding a reasonably priced costume,  I thought about the girls. Knowing that chances were high that the night would be cold (and rainy, as it turned out) and that we would probably have to chuck them in their carriers to take Buds out, I slightly settled for their first Hallowe’en.  Instead of getting the girls some of those super cute fluffy costumes like a pumpkin or strawberry,  I got them hats. Minion hats. To be fair, they’re from Etsy (TheHippiePatch1) and super adorable,  but still I feel like I kind of missed out. Though, I have already spotted our potential costumes for next year and they’re AMAZING.

I have to admit that seeing all three of the kids in matching minion hats is both hilarious and sweet, so I’m giving myself a pass just this once but promise the girls’ first Christmas will be spectacular.


Before heading to school for his Hallowe'en parade

2 thoughts on “Minions Unite!

  1. Super cute, and (unlike a dragon costume), they can keep wearing the minion hats after Halloween! I think you get points for coordinated costumes across all three kids, PLUS the minions usually travel in packs, so three is a better costume than one!

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