I get a sick day too, right?

Have you seen the new NyQuil commercials? The ones where a man and woman pop their heads in to tell their bosses they need a sick day and won’t be in tomorrow only to have the camera pan to their bewildered children? That’s pretty much where I’ve been this past week.

Buds brought home some daycare germs that, like the plague, took us out one by one until all five of us became one giant germ.

I don’t usually get so knocked out by colds, but either this year’s germs are that much worse or my body is just exhausted,  because this cold really knocked me off my feet. Or at least it would have if I still didn’t have to take care of a sick toddler and two sick babies.

I believe that I have discovered the biggest downside of twins: double sickies taking on one sick mama. Whenever I needed to just lay down or to sleep, one of them was up, pissed that their brother had inflicted them in such a way. If I could have had some decent sleep I’m guessing I would have been better days ago instead of getting worse every day or waking up to a new exciting symptom. Oh, yay! Now I’ve lost both my sense of smell and taste.  What a great day it’s going to be!

I have friends who have asked if they’re staying home from work sick should they keep their kids out of daycare? And my answer is always good God no. It’s damn near impossible to feel better when taking care of others and Lord help you if you pass the germs on to your kids who always seem to turn the tamest of colds into never-ending agony. Instead,  drop them off and immediately crawl back into bed with a cuppa and Netflix. I so wish I could have packed the girls off to school and enjoyed my 80s classics in bed, but instead the three of us were miserable together.

We’re all turning back into semi normal human beings and ventured outside today for the first time in a week but the girls are still super unimpressed and I’m left to deal with it.

Perhaps for our next cold my doctor can put me under strict isolation orders, you know for the girls’ health. Yes. Just for the girls.

One thought on “I get a sick day too, right?

  1. Being sick is the one thing that really makes me day dream about my childhood when I could snuggle down with a cup of soup and some favorite movies and be pampered by my mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby, but when I’m sick I just wish someone else would take over the whole motherhood thing so I could take a break >.< I hope you and your family feel better soon!

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