She works hard for her Cheerios

I would guess that most parents take “normal” baby things for granted. It’s expected that your baby will not only meet developmental milestones, but will exceed at them and every parent hopes that their baby is the first to do everything.  Raegan is surpassing her brother’s milestones and is closer in development to her actual age than corrected.

Ella meets all of her cognitive milestones and the girl is with it. She definitely knows what is up. But, she’s had a rough go in terms of movement.  Seeing the two girls together, Ella is so much bigger than itty bitty Raegan but Raegan can actually do laps around her. Things that are normal for babies- rolling over, using both hands,  turning her head, feeding herself- are really hard for Miss Ella. She does her exercises with a smile and a giggle but still struggles.

Today, sitting in her high chair, Ella grabbed a handful of Cheerios and shoved them into her mouth. For babies like Raegan that’s no big deal, but this was the first time for Ella and I was so proud, I actually started clapping.  She looked at me like I’m a crazy person- she’s not wrong- but I was so excited.  Then,  at dinner she grabbed some puffs. It’s still not easy but she’s trying and she is going to show the world exactly what she can do.


Ella hanging in her high chair, day 340

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