‘Twas the night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and this mama reflected
This time last year, Christmas felt quite neglected.
As we trudged through the city looking for lodging,
The ice storm we were constantly dodging.

To the hospital we went on Christmas morning
For the babies’ daily monitoring.
Mama filled with wonder when they would make their debut-
Christmas babies or would we make it to 32?

Then on the seventh, the coldest day to remember
The babies were born, we’d made it out of December!
Mama tears up as she spots their first diapers in life
And to think, the girls are now nine times their birth size!

Now, as the girls lay snug in their beds,
Dreaming of ripping wrapping paper to shreds
Mama sips on her nog and makes wishes instead
May you giggle and grow, laugh til you cry,
Travel the world and drink fine wines.

But, most of all, may you know love and be loved in return
For, sweet babies, that is life’s biggest concern.
On this your first Christmas,  filled with wonder and light
You’ve fought hard this year, with all of your might.

Not every story has a happy ending
But every day, mamas and daddies’ hearts are mending.
When we hold our babies like kangaroos
It doesn’t matter they were born too soon.

On your first Christmas, my sweet babies
It won’t be long til you are little ladies.
It’s been a hard year, filled with laughter and tears
But my love for you will grow with each passing year.

So, as Mama retires to her bed for a slumber
There’s one final thought, filled with love and wonder-

Merry Christmas,  sweet babies, and to all others, of course!

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