Our first Christmas

Well if the babies aren’t exhausted from their first Christmas,  I sure am. Probably why it’s taken me almost a week to write about it!


Santa came with stockings!

Since my family has four birthdays in December plus Christmas,  the celebrations last almost all month. We visited the 12 decorated Christmas trees at the Gardner Museum, went to the ROM, the zoo, ate lots of goodies, and went to Buffalo! Plus we were at my sister’s for Christmas Eve and my parents’ Christmas Day. Phew. No wonder I’m so sleepy.


Buds digging into his stocking

My family has always had a Christmas tradition; stockings, which were more like Santa sacks, then a huge breakfast, followed by presents and a big dinner. The tradition continues though it does get a bit modified every year according to schedules. We worked around nap schedules and all three kids had some individual time opening presents. Of course they were all spoiled and the girls had a lovely first Christmas dressed up to the nines.


Happy Ella on Christmas Day

As Braeden says, Santa time is over and there are no more presents.  But that’s OK.  In two days it will be 2015 and the girls’ first  birthday is right around the corner, which I cannot believe.


Raegan having breakfast

I can’t help but think about last year, the uncertainty around the girls’ arrival, and of course I thought of those families whose babies were spending their first Christmases in the NICU with staff who gave up their own family time to care for them. We made it through last Christmas and we had this Christmas together because of all the amazing people who cared for our girls. I am eternally grateful for that.


Raegan opening a present!

Miss Ella’s middle name is Noël,  of course meaning Christmas.  It’s not just a beautiful name, but has a beautiful feeling associated with it, something I wanted Ella and those around her to feel year round. With her chubby cheeks and boisterous giggle it’s hard not to get that warm fuzzy feeling.


The three ladies

This Christmas was way over the girls’ heads, but will always be special to me and everyone else around them.  Given the beginning of their lives, getting to celebrate is rather easy and is extra special. As we approach their first birthday,  it’s hard not to reminisce about the beginning and how far away these special moments felt. Now, the NICU seems far away and almost like we’re approaching normal life.


Miss Ella Noël

Now, as the celebrations, presents,  and year come to an end, I am ecstatic of how far they’ve come and only a bit exhausted.  OK, a lot, but it’s all been worth it.

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