Reflections of a year

In only a few hours it will officially be a new year. Some who had a year like ours may say good riddance to 2014, but this year, though filled with many challenges, brought me two sweet baby girls.

Everyone keeps sharing their years on Facebook and I watched mine to see the random pictures that would pop up. In no way did it really represent my year. WordPress also sent me my year in review, but since the blog is all my words, it provided a much better reflection of the year. There were ups, and boy were there downs, but it was my year, and I got to spend it with some pretty cool kids.

On New Year’s Eve last year, Jason was in the hospital with a collapsed lung and I was being monitored because the girls were having a very quiet day. I had no idea then what this year would hold just like I don’t know what will happen in the coming year.

I would change a lot of things if I could;  the girls being mono mono, being born premature,  Ella’s injury. But, I don’t have that power and wishing a different past only prevents enjoying the future. The girls turn one (!) in just a week and the year will be filled with fun and surprises.

Happy new year, may 2015 bring love, laughter,  and light, and may we all experience the best kinds of adventures.

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