Calling all firemen!


Braeden Patrick at his third birthday party February 22, 2015

I cannot believe my little bear is three! What a special birthday this was,  his first really being aware of what a birthday actually is. Per his request, we celebrated with a firetruck party!



Fireman bubbles for favours

While the party won’t make any BuzzFeed lists, I think the theme was present from the firetruck balloons to the favours, decorations, and amazing cake. I did have a total moment of panic when Party City had zero, I mean bupkis,  firetruck supplies. In fact, my friend had to pull me back to reality so that I wouldn’t let a three year old’s party defeat me and we ended up at a store on the Danforth that was firetruck mecca.


The birthday boy!

The kids coloured, sculpted play doh, finished the giant firetruck puzzle, but mostly played with the dozens of firetrucks I brought from Buds’ own collection (amazingly, not his entire collection). I mean, who doesn’t love firetrucks?!


The amazing cake from Tori and Cate ' s Cupcakes, Toronto

I did at one point think about making the cake myself – I looked up how to shape the cake and decorate it, and then, I stopped being crazy and decided to pay a professional.  Not only did it look amazing,  it was delicious, and still is. I’ll be enjoying some leftovers later!


About to make a wish

One of my favourite parts of this party was that Buds asked to invite some friends from school and then was so beyond excited when they came. When they went home, they all hugged each other which literally melted my heart.


Mama and Raegan

Braeden is still talking about his party and has demanded that his balloons remain  parked in his room for the foreseeable future.


A sleepy Ella

So grateful for everyone who came out to celebrate my favourite guy especially considering the year he’s had too, always being so patient, loving, and kind, so sweet to his sisters and making everyone laugh.

Love you, kid, happy birthday!

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