A little Christmas jiggle

It’s funny how much our bodies really take a physical toll from our emotional scars. I’ve noticed lately how much my back hurts, my shoulders, my arms on a Monday morning after carrying Ella around all weekend. How much harder it is to get out of bed just from exhaustion no matter how much sleep […]

New year, old meĀ 

I’ve never been one for resolutions, or even New Year’s, really. But, I do believe in goals and as 2016 started to come to a close, I began to reflect a lot on the year, and myself. As I thought back on the year, I realized that it felt as though a dark cloud was […]

Battle of the Bulge: 21 Fix Update

I cannot believe that it’s been six weeks since I started my first round of the 21 day fix. The time has flown by, and by default,  so has the summer. Soon, it will be September and that’s crazy! What a whirlwind year. I also can’t believe that I’m heading into my third round of […]

Battle of the Bulge: 21 Day Fix

I did it! Wait. Let me try again: I DID IT!!! I have officially finished my first ever 21 day fix. And although there were moments where I wanted to throw in the sweat soaked towel, I didn’t.  I did the food plan. I used those teeny containers. (Like, wtf Autumn? We’re not squirrels.) I […]

Battle of the Bulge: Who wants a Beachbody?

As you know, I’ve been struggling with my jelly belly since the girls were born, but you may not know that I’ve really struggled with my body since childhood. I was always a big kid, and often teased for it. For so long I’ve told myself that I’m just meant to be fat, but I […]