Battle of the Bulge: 21 Day Fix

I did it! Wait. Let me try again:


I have officially finished my first ever 21 day fix. And although there were moments where I wanted to throw in the sweat soaked towel, I didn’t.  I did the food plan. I used those teeny containers. (Like, wtf Autumn? We’re not squirrels.) I did the 30 minute workouts and tacked on the 10 minute abs.

I used to think that only strong people could do it. Strong physically, and strong mentally. And that’s it, right? It’s all mental. You can look at yourself in the mirror and believe what others have said; you’re too fat, you’re lazy,  you’re dumb, you’re not strong enough. You. Can’t.  Do. This.

Or you can look in the mirror and toss that middle finger up, and show them just how strong and tough you are. And in doing so, you show yourself.

At my biggest, I was a size 16. I had to order clothes online. I would get anxious to go into a store, not knowing if they would even carry my size. I would never ask for help finding my size because I didn’t want to tell some size two girl how big I was. Now? My size 12 pants are too big. Halfway through the fix, I had to get new workout pants because mine were falling down. I got a tank at Lululemon, and it was too big. Too BIG. That has literally never happened before.

And while the numbers aren’t the most important part, I’m amazed by them. In three weeks I lost 5.4 pounds and 17 inches from my body, 4.7 just from my waist. It’s a ton, but that’s all the extra bullshit that’s been stacking on to me, all the extra self hatred and doubt that lead me to eat my feelings.

I think if I can do it, you can do it. And not because of the numbers, but because of your heart and your soul. You deserve to feel proud and strong and loved and amazed by yourself. You got this. I got this.  We got this.

The proof is in the sugar free pudding. Pictures of my progress,  and since I generally don’t walk around in gym shorts and a sports bra, I included clothes.



If you want to join the same group as me, please contact my coach, Dave Fraser who has had amazing success so far! (

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