Once a preemie, always a preemie?

Today is World Prematurity Day, our third since the girls were born ten weeks too soon. I’ve been reflecting a lot on prematurity and its place in our story. I recently spoke on a Parent Panel to share our stories of prematurity and journeys home from the NICU. I caught the tail-end of a former […]

The paradoxical hospital

I’m sitting in the same place I’ve sat many times before; the hospital cafeteria. One floor below me, Ella is laying in a giant MRI machine that is capturing pictures of her brain. Her second time, and though I know the routine and what to expect, watching your baby fight the mask meant to put […]

A little Friday trauma never hurt anybody

Life is funny. You make plans for the day, week, month and you just expect that things will go your way. Then sometimes something happens that completely derails you. Friday, I was at work when I got a phone call; Raegan was having trouble breathing. I left as fast as my legs would move and […]

My sweet, brave girl

It’s not often that a five month old blows your mind, but when said five month old has survived a premature birth, grade four brain bleed, enlarged ventricles, pneumothorax, chest tube, transfusions,  and more within weeks of being born, it really shouldn’t surprise me. Today, we were back at Sick Kids for Ella’s first MRI. […]

One for the money, two for the show

I think I may have finally recovered from our super eventful Monday. Ella and I spent the day together at Sick Kids visiting the orthopaedic surgeon and getting a hip ultrasound. The good news after spending the day running from one part of the hospital to another is that Miss Ella does not need hip […]

Well that was a kick in the gut

You know sometimes when you’re driving and you look at the car next to you and someone is crying, and you feel bad for them, but you try to imagine what’s happened. A break up? A death? Did something awful just happen or maybe they’re tears of joy? If you had seen us turn out […]

Ella and Mama take on the world

While I’m thrilled to be so close to such an amazing hospital as Sick Kids, I found myself getting anxious with every step as I got closer to the front door this morning for Ella’s appointments. As I pushed her through the doors and wove my way through the halls to ultrasound, I realized how […]

Doctor, doctor give me some news

After such a long journey in the NICU, it’s so nice to be home, but we constantly have doctor appointments. Today, Miss Ella had her first follow-up appointment at Sick Kids’ neurosurgery department. After her brain damage and subsequent swelling, there was discussion about her having surgery or a shunt put in to drain excess […]