Happy birthday, little bear

Six years ago, you made me a mum in an epic delivery story that literally involved me being wheeled down the hall ER style before you were born in the middle of the hallway surrounded by onlookers.

You burst into this world and every day since you’ve been asking questions, figuring things out with a never ending curiosity.

Unlike me, you are extroverted; talking to everyone and always making friends. But like me, you are empathetic and compassionate, calm and a bucketful of energy.

I am so proud of the little man you are becoming, or not so little as you tower over your classmates. You are picking up French and excited to learn. You are adapting to change and learning how to handle emotions in the most challenging of times.

You are hilarious and silly but serious about building and the Pittsburgh Penguins. It seems like only yesterday I had you in the baby carrier and now you want to wear shirt and ties.

I long to see who you will become, but also willing time to slow down ever so slightly to soak up more moments with you and your sisters.

Happy 6th birthday to the boy who made me a mum, the boy who keeps me on my toes, and the boy who filled my heart the first time we met. You’re one of a kind, kid, and I’m so proud to be your mama.

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