Happy birthday, little bear

Six years ago, you made me a mum in an epic delivery story that literally involved me being wheeled down the hall ER style before you were born in the middle of the hallway surrounded by onlookers. You burst into this world and every day since you’ve been asking questions, figuring things out with a […]

Give me a second while I readjust my crown

I’ve written a lot about trauma, especially the trauma that accompanies a premature birth. I think a lot of the post secondary trauma I’ve experienced in the girls’ lifetime is related to their birth; more so than the NICU stay. Maybe it was the suddenness of the delivery versus the time I had to adjust […]

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!!

Exactly three years ago, only one day past his due date, I was experiencing contractions every minute and could not sit or lie down. By 10 PM, my water burst everywhere and after being run dramatically down the hospital corridor to a labour and delivery room, Braeden entered the world and made me a mama. […]

First comes the full-term birth, then comes preemie

I think I am so lucky to have had a wonderful birth experience before the girls’ c-section for so many reasons. One of my dear friends went into labour Thursday and we were messaging each other back and forth as her labour progressed and it brought so many memories back to my birth with the […]

Why we should stop sharing the picture of twins holding hands at birth

Yesterday, I went into a store, and upon seeing I had twins, a woman immediately asked me if I had seen the picture of the twins born holding hands. I told her I had, and that my girls are mono mono too. “Oh!” she said, “wasn’t that so sweet?” Yes, it is sweet, and that […]

A birth is a birth is a birth?

I recently posted a link to an article on facebook about one woman’s view of her c sections, as did several others I know. The reactions were interesting as mamas agreed and disagreed and mamas-to-be became nervous. As someone who has had both a natural birth and a section, I think it’s interesting to compare […]