Happy birthday, little bear

Six years ago, you made me a mum in an epic delivery story that literally involved me being wheeled down the hall ER style before you were born in the middle of the hallway surrounded by onlookers. You burst into this world and every day since you’ve been asking questions, figuring things out with a […]

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!!

Exactly three years ago, only one day past his due date, I was experiencing contractions every minute and could not sit or lie down. By 10 PM, my water burst everywhere and after being run dramatically down the hospital corridor to a labour and delivery room, Braeden entered the world and made me a mama. […]

We’re one year old!

Wow, one year! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by and how long ago their births seem. The girls are only nine months corrected so I decided to forego a big first birthday bash and instead keep it simple with just dinner and cupcakes tonight. My plan is to celebrate their one […]

Happy birthday, JMP!

Today is Jason’s birthday, and last year on his birthday we found out we were having girls. It’s pretty hard to top that surprise,  but since he was off, I still wanted it to be special. We headed to lunch with the girls then over to a baby friendly movie. Considering we had two babies […]