Dear body, I promise I am trying not to hate you so much

I was recently in Panama where it was sweltering and called for wearing bathing suits 90% of the day when not meeting sloths and monkeys, of course. I, like most people, am not the biggest fan of bathing suits, especially when worn in front of others. However, a couple years ago I started saying eff […]

A little Christmas jiggle

It’s funny how much our bodies really take a physical toll from our emotional scars. I’ve noticed lately how much my back hurts, my shoulders, my arms on a Monday morning after carrying Ella around all weekend. How much harder it is to get out of bed just from exhaustion no matter how much sleep […]

Body Image After Twins: Learning to Love Yourself Again – Twiniversity

I’m excited to share my most recent piece for Twiniversity for so many reasons. I’ve always struggled with how I look, with my body. I’ve always wondered how life would be if I were skinnier or prettier. I’m guessing most of you reading this have wondered the same about some aspect of yourself. I’ve constantly […]

Battle of the Bulge Update: Month Three

It’s the third month since rejoining Weight Watchers and the sun is finally coming out, which of course means less clothing very soon (ugh- exposed arms). I lost 2.2 pounds last month and have 5.8 pounds (let’s round to 6) to my pre – twins weight. All of my old pants fit, but there’s definitely […]

Fatty fat fat fat fatty fatty fat fat

After Braeden was born, I hated the way I looked. None of my clothes fit properly and I hated seeing myself in pictures because of how I looked. After feeling terrible about myself, I joined Weight Watchers and did fabulously; I lost 57 pounds and felt awesome and looked pretty dang good. Then I went […]