Getting to know you

Baby A Baby B

The one thing I will say about my constant ultrasounds and monitoring is that I’ve really started to see distinct personalities emerging from my wee cantaloupes.

Buds had a personality in utero that included constant kicking, dancing to music, and becoming really excited whenever I had fruit. All of those things are still true now as a toddler. We used to get into poking wars for fun towards the end of my pregnancy.

These two little ladies have already seemed to develop personalities of their own, even though they weigh only slightly more than a pound. They may be identical, but their attitude towards living in my easy bake oven seems totally different.

Meet Twin A, she’s the one you’ll find nestled in my side, often turning peacefully, but usually hiding. Her sister, Little Miss Twin B, is a trouble. maker. Seriously. Feisty as can be, whenever she is expected to perform in her ultrasound checks, she swims away and does everything to avoid the camera. She’s also much more active, constantly kicking and punching me.

While both girls seem to have already started developing their unique personalities and life perspectives, they are also already fighting. One ultrasound showed Twin A kicking her sister, while Twin B punched back.

Really makes a mama proud.

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