Why do we do this to ourselves?

I recently saw a post on BabyCenter that was about your parenting style based on whether or not you found out your baby’s sex while pregnant. Curious, I clicked through and had to roll my eyes. The blog was about a study that had been completed with women who found out their baby’s sex and […]

Ella and Mama take on the world

While I’m thrilled to be so close to such an amazing hospital as Sick Kids, I found myself getting anxious with every step as I got closer to the front door this morning for Ella’s appointments. As I pushed her through the doors and wove my way through the halls to ultrasound, I realized how […]

Getting to know you

The one thing I will say about my constant ultrasounds and monitoring is that I’ve really started to see distinct personalities emerging from my wee cantaloupes. Buds had a personality in utero that included constant kicking, dancing to music, and becoming really excited whenever I had fruit. All of┬áthose things are still true now as […]