Home away from home


A view of the girls' pod from the nurses entrance


Raegan's house


Ella's house

We are so lucky to live near Sunnybrook, one of the best maternity wards and NICUs in Canada. We also got lucky that the girls scored a twin room as there are only two in the NICU.

Sunnybrook’s NICU is separated into pods, so everyone gets their own pod. I spend my day in the room pumping, Kangarooing the girls, and sometimes just sitting on the couch checking emails.

I haven’t heard the nurses say incubators, they call them houses. Since our pod is our home away from home, it only makes sense.

2 thoughts on “Home away from home

  1. Aww it’s lovely they are in one room with no other babies. At least you get more privacy and can pump next to them.
    There were loads if babies in my little boys NICU, maybe about 12ish and it was really cramped. I had to leave every couple of hours to pump in a private room but all I wanted to do was sit at his side all day. It’s amazing how much NICU differ around the world. I saw a post once on a Facebook group and one mum had a bed next to her child’s incubator (or house as you call it) so she didn’t even have to go home on an evening x

    • It is a really great space and there are couches in the room if you want to sleep and shared showers in the hall. If we didn’t already have our son, I would stay there for sure!

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