The day that could have been

March 20th, the first day of spring, and the girls’ due date four years ago. I often reflect on this day as it gets closer. The day doesn’t cut as deep as it once did, especially the first two years; when they were still in the NICU and their due date came and went and […]

Once a preemie, always a preemie?

Today is World Prematurity Day, our third since the girls were born ten weeks too soon. I’ve been reflecting a lot on prematurity and its place in our story. I recently spoke on a Parent Panel to share our stories of prematurity and journeys home from the NICU. I caught the tail-end of a former […]

Give me a second while I readjust my crown

I’ve written a lot about trauma, especially the trauma that accompanies a premature birth. I think a lot of the post secondary trauma I’ve experienced in the girls’ lifetime is related to their birth; more so than the NICU stay. Maybe it was the suddenness of the delivery versus the time I had to adjust […]

Thank you for our year home

Saturday,  March 28th we celebrated the girls’ one year home with a pink and gold filled party attended by friends and family. Then, yesterday, we celebrated the staff at the hospital who made it possible for our girls to come home. Before the girls were even born there were people who took care of them, […]

Expecting Preemies

It’s strange to think that all us mono mono mamas are also preemie mamas. In only extremely rare circumstances would mono mono twins be born full term because of all the complications associated with a mono mono pregnancy. I think knowing that your baby is going to be premature makes you savour every minute of […]

No comparison needed

Every article, post, and doctor tells you not to compare babies. Of course, it’s inevitable as conversations constantly find their way back to whose baby is doing what. Everything from rolling over to starting solids and walking is analyzed to figure out if your baby is behind. Developmental milestones are there to both assure and […]

Well that was a kick in the gut

You know sometimes when you’re driving and you look at the car next to you and someone is crying, and you feel bad for them, but you try to imagine what’s happened. A break up? A death? Did something awful just happen or maybe they’re tears of joy? If you had seen us turn out […]

80 Days, Part Two

Today officially marks the girls’ 160th day of life, and after spending 80 days in the NICU, the girls have been home 80 days. For every day that a nurse took care of our girls, I have taken care of them. For every surgery, blood transfusion,  and head ultrasound that Ella received, my girls have […]

Popping in to say hello

Today the girls had their first post-NICU follow-up at Sunnybrook. It was mixed emotions going back, part of me felt happy to see people who were practically family for our stay in the hospital, and the other part anxious heading back to a place that holds so many memories and emotions. After Ella’s head injury […]