All the thanks I be giving

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and naturally social media is flooded with posts about what everyone is thankful for. Instead of posting a drawn out Facebook status, I figure I’ll write about my thankfulness here. First of all, I’m thankful for my three curly-haired minions. They can drive me up the wall, but my life […]

Giving thanks among the chaos 

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and it inevitably lead to everyone posting about what they are thankful for. Sometimes, when I look around at the mess, or deal with the tantrums, or feel nothing but exhaustion, it can be really hard to feel thankful. It can seem like the world has conspired against us sometimes; […]

Happy Thanksgiving, baby girls

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada. Since I lived in America for so long, I used to celebrate both Thanksgivings, and both had different feelings for me. Canadian Thanksgiving always reminded me of home and family, and mmm sweet potato mash. American Thanksgiving was always the beginning of the holidays and I still put […]