All the thanks I be giving

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, and naturally social media is flooded with posts about what everyone is thankful for. Instead of posting a drawn out Facebook status, I figure I’ll write about my thankfulness here. First of all, I’m thankful for my three curly-haired minions. They can drive me up the wall, but my life […]

Stop telling everyone to Consciously Uncouple

Ever since Gwyneth first used the term Conscious Uncoupling, it’s like every couple splitting up was in a race to do it the best; to be the most amicable, the coolest, the most modern. And now, everywhere I turn, people speak of these Unconscious Uncouplings, even the news that featured a divorced couple living next […]

Oh that invisible weight on my chest? That’s just the crushing loneliness 

Ever since becoming a mum, I have been the happiest I have ever been. I love watching my little people grow and I find them hilarious. They’re my homies, and we have all kinds of crazy fun together. But, I have also never been this lonely. I think there’s a reason you’re meant to have […]

I’m just a fluffy marshmallow

Have you ever been in your car and looked over and the person next to you was crying? You don’t know why, and you don’t even know them, but you feel like you should do something? You offer a sympathetic smile or wave as you make eye contact before both of you driving off. Last […]

The Separated Mama

I’ve pretty much written about everything; my c section, breastfeeding,  my battle with my weight, my fears for Ella. But I haven’t written much about my relationship. For so many reasons, I didn’t, and I really always felt like I was living a lie. And truth be told, I was. Everyone has assumed things about […]

Conversations with my three year old about Cerebral Palsy

Right now I’m holding my breath waiting for the first time Ella asks me why she’s different and what that means. I’ve become teary eyed reading others’ accounts of these talks, but we still have some time before that happens. Buds, on the other hand is three and knows what’s up. He’s smart and empathetic. […]