Amazing Ella is off to Kindergarten

Ella has officially graduated from preschool! On her last day of school, all the parents and caregivers came and watched a video of the previous year followed by a graduation ceremony to say au revoir to preschool and get ready to start Junior Kindergarten in September. As I watched the video play, I kept an […]

The special needs elite?

This weekend we went to get our Santa picture done as a family and I made sure that we were there before his arrival to avoid massive lines and irritated children.  After waiting for some time, Santa’s elf approached us, and I assumed was going to welcome us as we were next in line, Ella […]

Giving thanks among the chaos 

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving, and it inevitably lead to everyone posting about what they are thankful for. Sometimes, when I look around at the mess, or deal with the tantrums, or feel nothing but exhaustion, it can be really hard to feel thankful. It can seem like the world has conspired against us sometimes; […]