Why did we decide to grow up anyway?

This past week I lost a friend of mine who I met on one of my first adventures as a teenager in Paris and then we went on to live together at university. As I was reflecting on our friendship after the shock of her passing, I realized how we went from being teenagers to […]

Dear body, I promise I am trying not to hate you so much

I was recently in Panama where it was sweltering and called for wearing bathing suits 90% of the day when not meeting sloths and monkeys, of course. I, like most people, am not the biggest fan of bathing suits, especially when worn in front of others. However, a couple years ago I started saying eff […]

The Guilt of the Working Mom – Twiniversity

As I’ve written before, heading back to work has been a hard journey for all of us, and it seemed natural to write about it for my latest piece on Twiniversity. It feels great to be back among like-minded adults and to have conversations about things I am passionate about, but the simple truth is, […]

Am I abandoning Ella?

In preparation for my upcoming trip away and then my return to work, we started transitioning the girls with their babysitter so that when I do fly the coop, the girls won’t completely freak out. Except, it’s not exactly going as planned. Today, with Ella sitting on her lap and me right across from her, […]