I can assure you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my daughter

I think most adults are terrified of the moment when their child starts noticing differences and then promptly points them out (very, very loudly) or asks questions about them. The general feeling within the accessibility community is actually that your child should ask questions in order to learn and that adults should model how we […]

Amazing Ella is off to Kindergarten

Ella has officially graduated from preschool! On her last day of school, all the parents and caregivers came and watched a video of the previous year followed by a graduation ceremony to say au revoir to preschool and get ready to start Junior Kindergarten in September. As I watched the video play, I kept an […]

Sisterhood of the Traveling Cervix?

Recently on one of the mono mono facebook support groups, a member posted that she was leaving the group as she had lost her twins and reading members’ comments and complaining about inpatient care made her feel like everyone was ungrateful for the experience and the lives of their twins. While I cannot imagine what […]