Adventures in Cerebral Palsy

I’ve written a lot about letting go of some parenting dreams and expectations when you’re parenting a child with special needs or different abilities. The milestones shift. The path diverts. It really is like heading off on an adventure through the fog; sometimes, the fog engulfs you, stings you, leaves you battered, and other times, […]

We’re two and a half!

It seems like only yesterday that the two tiniest babies I’d ever seen squiggled in their isolettes, learning how to breathe, move, and live. In a flash, they’ve become little people, with big personalities. Raegan may be one of the nuttiest tiny humans I’ve ever seen. She has her own flair and way of doing […]

Two years and a million adventures later

Two years ago today, my girls came home for the very first time. Technically, eight days old, but really 80 days old, having been born a little over ten weeks early. At the time, I had all kinds of questions floating through my head; Can I do this? Can I handle twins? Do I have […]

To my four year old

Four years ago today something amazing happened; a little peanut named Braeden was born, coming swiftly and fiercely into this world with sass that will never go away – not that I would ever want it to. More importantly,  that day Braeden made me a mum, a job I feel like I’ve had much longer […]

Sing with me, baby

I’ve started a new job that has me working slightly different hours, so the kids get home before I do. Sometimes,  I forget how big my kids are now. I looked at Raegan during dinner tonight, and I didn’t see a baby – I saw a little girl. My breath was taken from me for […]

We’re two years old!

Just slightly over two years ago the girls were born; Raegan at 7:29 and Ella at 7:32 PM. I had no idea then the journey we were about to embark on, but I am thankful for every day. I am always amazed at the girls and their bond. Their personalities really are as if one […]

To my girls on the eve of their second birthdays

Dear baby girls, Tomorrow you turn two, and though it seems like only yesterday you were born, you are no longer babies, but becoming two strong-willed ladies. I’ve watched you grow every day, from two tiny bums on an ultrasound machine to sassy, bright eyed girls wanting to explore the world. As your birthday comes, […]

We’re 23 months old!

Yesterday, the girls turned 23 months and I can’t believe that in one month I will have two two-year olds!! It doesn’t seem that long ago that I brought home two tiny babies, who were already almost three months old. What really amazes me with the girls are their different personalities, and how fast they […]

We’re 22 months old!

So, technically the girls were 22 months yesterday,  but the day kind of got away from me, so here it is. I can’t believe we’re only 2 months away from the girls turning two. What an absolutely crazy ride it has been, and it’s only just started. Raegan is as sassy as ever. She never, […]

We’re 20 months old!

20 months! In just 4 short months, the girls will be turning two, and that I cannot believe. This month has been crazy; so much has changed in such a short time. The girls fully transitioned to daycare and are doing well. Ella napped at school two days last week while Raegan decided to stand […]